Introduction to Realtime Smart TV

  •   2019-06-19 11:09:14
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This will introduce you to Realtime Smart TV, new features, history of Realtime Smart TV, it's SDK including requirements and about application structure, resolution, types and it's life cycle. Realtime Smart TV is a platform that integrates both Internet and web features in TVs and set-top boxes, as well as provides a way for technological to combine TVs and other devices like computers, smart phones and tablets. Realtime Allshare creates a wireless network through which you can enjoy content from other devices, like a PC or camera. You can easily share content like photos, videos and music, on your Realtime Smart TV..

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1) Structure of the Realtime Smart TV SDK:

A Realtime Smart TV application runs on the WebKit browser engine. It means that a Smart TV application is similar to a common website based on HTML pages. Moreover, a Smart TV application has a difference from a common website; unlike a website with different resolution and keyboard and mouse input, a Smart TV application runs on fixed resolution with remote controller input. Smart TV users are already accustomed to navigating with a remote controller's directional, Enter, and Back keys. Following image demonstrates the structural difference of a website and a TV application Although smart TVs also can receive TV programming via antenna or cable/satellite, Vizio has actually taken the bold step of eliminating built-in tuners and antenna/cable connections on most of its sets in favor of its built-in streaming platform as an all-encompassing replacement.

2)Realtime Smart TV Application Resolution:

Some smart TVs are even able to do the reverse: send content from the TV to a compatible smartphone. After sending, the user can continue to view that content on the smartphone, away from the TV.

3) Realtime Smart TV Application Types:

Full-Screen Application: Displayed using an entire TV screen. Single-Wide Application: Displayed using part of a TV screen. A viewer can run this while watching a TV program. Ticker : It also displaying using a part of a TV screen and can run while the viewer is watching a TV program, but it is smaller than a single wide appplication.

4) Realtime Smart TV application development process:

Realtime provides the tools required to govern your application's life cycle from product creation, through development and release, to application retirement. The following diagram demonstrates the process of developing a Smart TV application. To develop a Samsung Smart TV application:
1. Plan and design your application and application UI.
2. Implement code and build.
3. Debug and test your application.
4. Package and launch your application.